foneverify at a glance
One of the major concern today for app developers across platforms is how to alleviate fraud on the application. Verifying phone numbers is a mission-critical process that is typically used to protect app developers against spam, non-genuine downloads and hacking. foneverify was designed keeping these concerns at the core of our solution.
foneverify Android SDK
A lightweight SDK with secure architecture for easy integration of foneverify services and enhanced user experience.
Rising Need For Phone Number Verification
Have only genuine customers on the platform
Simple yet robust automated fallback
Shift from email to mobile verification
Identify ad networks/channels offering genuine customers
Choose your method of verification and the length of OTP
All platform support
Works across all platform - Android, iOS, Websites and WAP.
Smooth Integration
Rest APIs / light SDK for easy integration
Global Reach
200+ countries covered
SMS Service
foneverify's sms APIs helps you to notify your users for their activity on your platform & you can even run marketing campaigns.
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